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Second Chances

Sometimes they turn out better and sometimes they turn out worse.  We’ve all had them.  Some are funny and others can bring memories of anger or remorse. How about a second chance at marriage?  Hmm, well, some statistics report that only 33% of them turn out better.  And for a third chance you have only a 27% chance of finding a better marriage.  Whoops.  This may not be a good example! And consider that fatal […]

Veal Croquette Recipe from Saving Juliana

This is the Veal Croquette recipe as my friend Martha Holloway wrote it.  I couldn’t remember what she meant by (turkey piece).  I have only made this once, to rave reviews, many years ago.  I asked all my friends what she could possibly have meant.  I asked my butcher if this was a term for a particular cut of meat.  My daughter asked some of her Chef friends and they all laughed and said they […]

Everybody has a Boss

My grandson told me that he has a required course he must take in order to graduate and a new professor has been appointed.  The previous professor is now the new supervisor. It is an independent study course where a subject is designated and the student will then study it and write an essay or thesis on it.  The catch is – the student must spend 135 hours in study of this subject and a […]