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Can This Rake Draw His Wife Out Of A Place Of Blackness

For ten years before the war, Logan Hastings and his brother Phillip, had been considered the darlings of the ton, and had swept unrestrained and eagerly received through the bedrooms of London.  While Logan recovers from a wound received at the battle of Waterloo, his brother, the heir, is diagnosed with a deadly...

It Is Time For The Newly Minted Marquess Of Kenrick To Take As Wife The Woman He Desperately Craves.
But Phillip harbors a secret that he will never disclose until after he marries.  And the woman who intrigues him might never forgive him should he marry her without first sharing that confidence.  To make matters worse, the exotic and elegant...

Coming Soon ~ Book Three

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When Will Pieter Surrender?

Pieter has wanted Tessa from the first moment he saw her when she’d been a sweet seventeen-year-old, not yet out in Society. And now that she was to begin her second year as the most sought-after young woman of the ton he still refuses to believe she is ready for marriage.

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Gretchen Meyer Author of Romance Novels

I grew up in Wisconsin, and when my husband retired we tried two years in Arizona, but I missed the water and green vegetation that I was used to. My husband agreed to try Florida and it was easy for him to fall in love with the beautiful wildlife and golf course right at our back door. I never have to worry about snow storms and shoveling again – only hurricanes!

Writing came late to me but when I happened upon my first Regency novel  I  was hooked. They took me to another place and time, wonderful vocabulary, beautiful clothes and always handsome heroes. And no matter the terrors and problems that faced the characters, by the end of the book, the mysteries were solved, the lovers reunited and all was resolved. Ah, life should be so simple.