Tessa’s Promise

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Tessa's Promise

Does Tessa Have The Patience To Wait

         Tessa believed that no matter how long she waited Pieter would always see her as the young untried girl she was at that first dinner party and would never accept that she was ready to begin a family and be his wife in every way.

        Perhaps it will take a threat by  her sister Juliana’s  former  nemesis,  Gabrielle Tyson.   Lady Tyson would love to see the whole Hastings family brought to ruin and especially, Tessa’s guardian, Marquess Huntleigh, one of the celebrated Brothers. She wanted them all to pay for the humiliation of  his  rejection of her.  She knows just the man to do it; a man who has had a grudge against the Hastings family for  years.  Will he be allowed to bring his depraved appetites to  bear in the ruination of this young girl?